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Dr.N.MUTHURAJAN - President
Dr.T.N.RAVISANKAR - Hon. Secretary
Dr.S.RAVIKUMAR - Treasurer
Dr.A.P.SAMBANDAN - Vice President
Dr.v.PALANI - Vice President
Dr.J.MOHANA SUNDARAM - Vice President
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Executive Secretary -P.V.Siva Kumar - 9840222242



At last, we doctors of Tamilnadu, have a club of our own! We have launched an exclusive club of doctors, with facilities in 3 places in Chennai about which, You can see in this page.

Why we need a club?

We, doctors are a community, more inter dependant with each other and have specific needs. We need to get closer socially and this will help the cause of protection, prosperity and preservation of this community. What else could be a more opt objective to form a club than this. We and our families need places to relax and enjoy in Security and tranquility in a lovely environment.

How are we going to achieve?

To begin with we are commencing our operations in 3 places out of which 2 are rental. In due course of time, we will be moving into our own premises, when we have a sufficient corpus thorugh our membership.

What is the Structure of Organization?

This club is governed by a General body, a Governing council and an Executive committee. General body composes of all the members of the club.
Governing council composes of Ex-Official members from the offices listed below, provided the incumbent extend their consents.
1. Chair person, TN Doctors Housing Welfare Trust (Chairman of the Governing Council)
2. Vice Chancellor, TN Dr.MGR Medical University.
3. The Director of Medical Education.
4. The Director of Medical Services.
5. The Director of Public Health.
6. The State President, TN Medical Council.
7. The State President, TN Government Doctors Association.

Club premises
A bungalow in 0.5 acre property abetting the beach, opposite to the Poonga Arts College
A bungalow of six rooms in 2.5 grounds abetting north usman road,T.nagar
This property, located within the sprawling doctors retreat is owned by tamilnadu doctors housing welfare trust.
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